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Jerry is an Army Iraq combat vet from upstate New York who is in need of a crossbow package. He has a 100% disability rating from the VA and cannot physically pull back a compound bow due to injuries that he sustained from a car bomb in 2003.

Jerry relates his harrowing experience of the first time he was injured in Samarra Iraq while serving as an Infantry fire team leader in his own words below.

“On a routine patrol we were rolling down a main street when a vehicle sped off the median and drove directly into the center of our convoy, striking my vehicle head on. Before I knew it the vehicle exploded and everything felt like slow motion. I had blood coming from my eardrums and I couldn't see a thing due to the burning of smoke from the car bomb. My reaction was to check on my crew and make sure everyone had all their pieces. Miraculously the only damage sustained to us were blown eardrums and pounding headaches.”

Jerry shares the account of another, more serious attack that would have permanent repercussions for him.

“We were given new orders to help the Iraqi National guard protect their compound in the city. We were at the compound for about a month and things were going surprisingly smooth. I knew it was too good to be true because on the morning of July 8th I was pulling guard on the wall over watching the river when an Iraqi Police vehicle came barreling into the compound and ramming into the ING building where the rest of the platoon was sleeping. I remember grabbing my rifle and slowly approaching the vehicle as the man inside was fumbling around for something in the cab. I was approx. 20 yards away when he looked up at me and smiled. I knew right then I was in trouble! The next thing I remember was waking up a few minutes later with a pain in my leg and arm and blood running down my face. I couldn't hear anything except ringing and all I could see was smoke and fire. I was just hit with a car bomb!

When I started realizing what was going on the pain stopped and I immediately started looking around for casualties. Before I knew it we were being attacked. We had small arms fire coming from the bridge and houses across the river. We had mortars coming in from every direction. I got on my gun and began to return fire. I didn't know where to shoot as it was from all directions. I remember my driver getting out of the front of the Bradley and going to help the guys that were in the building sleeping. My BC was in shock in the back of the Bradley and it felt like everything was falling apart.

I thought to myself that we were exposed and at any moment another car bomber would come flying through the gate and finish us off. So, I stopped manning my gun and jumped into the driver’s seat and moved the Bradley to be directly in front of the gate so no one else could get in. I hopped back into my gunner’s seat and began to scan.

While this was going on my PS was calling HQ and letting them know of our situation. Within 10 minutes we were getting the much needed relief from back at the FOB. After things started to calm down and all personnel were accounted for they began medevac’ing us back to the FOB for treatment.

I had sustained shrapnel to my face, arm and leg and had perforated both eardrums due to the explosion I had a severe concussion.

We lost 5 good men that day and many of us were wounded.”

We thank you for your service and sacrifice for your country Jerry. The gear that we can provide is just a small token of thanks.

Please help us provide a crossbow and equipment for Jerry so he can pursue his passion of chasing a trophy Whitetail deer this hunting season!

"I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me"  Philippians 4:13


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