Several years ago I became interested in crossbow hunting. As I began to research the hunting laws and regulations I noticed that this was a very restricted method of hunting at the time in Michigan. While this was not yet legal at the time for able-bodied hunters, disabled hunters were allowed to pursue this method of harvesting big game. I immediately started to think about ways to get crossbows into the hands of disabled veterans so they could take advantage of this regulation. This was the start of what would later become Sling & Stone Outfitters.

Primitive hunting (using a bow or a crossbow) can be the ultimate confidence building experience. A hunter has to get much closer to the animal than he or she would be forced to do with a rifle, or even a shotgun. I chose the name Sling & Stone to allude to this primitive hunting method and to hearken back to the Biblical account of David and Goliath. For the disabled, a successful primitive big game hunt can be a much needed accomplishment in a life where quiet perseverance is the norm. In other words, they can slay their personal Goliath.

Since my initial thoughts of giving away crossbows the idea has grown much larger in scope. We at Sling & Stone want to give disabled vets clothing, equipment, firearms, fishing gear, and even provide them with guided hunts. Please consider joining us in this life changing venture for our nationís veterans.

Chad Miles
Sling & Stone Outfitters


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